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Welcome to Tech Rep! We are here to help you and your business to achieve control! We will be your assistant and guide on evaluating, implementing and transitioning it to a new level. Once we evaluate and learn all about your company’s past then we use the best solution in technology to improve its future. Let us show you a better way! Call us today for a FREE consultation.

Our Mission

To understand how technology can improve mining from the Face to the cloud.

Our Goal

Is to build and represent the best industrial technology ecosystem.

Our Vision

Basics Framework contains components and complex blocks which can easily be integrated into almost any design.


What We Do

Ethan is a Digital executive with more than 15 years of diverse technology, sales and leadership experience in financial, heavy industrial digital and IT based systems as well as global technology management.

Bringing value through technology is key to Ethan’s success. If it’s not truly adding value to a business it should not be there at all. He has built and led large state, regional and global teams.

Prior to starting Tech Rep Global, Ethan moved from traditional IT at Barrick Gold Corp. to a Digital Dev Ops lead where he led the build of Barrick’s initial code management and continuous integration, continuous delivery and release management. He also lead the Customer Success group which handles the implementation and adoption of Barrick’s digital products and programs gloablly. His team was key to getting the value out of what Barrick spent on technology. The focus was to make sure the customers/users know what the program/product is, who is using it and that it is delivering on their investment.

Ethan went to Barrick Gold from NNE Construction, where he was the superintendent of sales and implementation over land based terrestrial copper/fiber and microwave/cell tower installations in the intermountain west. He led the company in sales from $2 million to $10 million annually within 3 years. Prior to NNE Ethan worked for Amtrust Bank and Royal Bank of Canada as a wholesale mortgage account executive where he was involved in the first roll out of e-sign document signing and adoption of state-of-the-art mortgage lending technology platforms.

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